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What To Watch Today, August 4th

What To Watch Today, August 4th

We have new Disney, lots of reality TV, and even a movie premiering today! Hump day really has become a great time for new releases.

Short Circuit | Disney+

Short Circuit Experimental Films is back with 5 new animated shorts that came about with collaboration from various studio employees. The first season of the series was very interesting as we got to see some interesting short films that had a very noticeable "Disney-ness" about them, however the animation was stylistically experimental and intriguing.

Breaking Bland | HGTV

Interior designer Mary Welch stars in this new HGTV show where she completely transforms houses with her out-of-the-box ideas and design choices. The new season debuts at 9 P.M. ET.

Motor Mythbusters | MotorTrend

The legendary show is getting a MotorTrend twist with a brand new show and season premiering on the app today. Mythbusters unpacks common beliefs and folktales that revolve around the world of cars.

Locked Up Abroad: Extended Sentence | Nat Geo

National Geographic has moved many shows onto YoutubeTV and this decade old show about people being locked up abroad is making a comeback with a new season airing tonight at 10 P.M. ET.

Cooking With Paris | Netflix

Paris Hilton is back with a cooking show that shows off her culinary expertise... sort of. The icon's new show will be an adventure in dining that you will definitely want to watch for the recipes, reality checks, and guest stars!

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami | Netflix

This Netflixdocumentary series premiered today and tells the story of high school best friends turned national drug dealers in a city that adored them. If you are a fan of documentaries, crime shows, or anything in between, Cocaine Cowboysis definitely going to be a popular one.

Car Masters | Netflix

If you are a car fan, get ready for season 3 of Netflix's Car Masters. This show is like Cake Bossexcept the custom items are cars and not cakes. Check out all of the craziness from a hot tub car to a jacked-up sports vehicle in this brand new season streaming now.

Control Z | Netflix

This Spanish show is back with season 2 now on Netflix. The show is a high school drama that has some serious themes of violence and death mixed in.

Over Australia | Smithsonian Channel

This new show takes a look at the different environments in Australia and all of the amazing wildlife that thrives within. Check out the new season premiering tonight at 8 P.M. ET.

My Feet Are Killing Me | TLC

If you like Dr. Pimple Popper, this show may be exactly what you love. Watch the new season on TLC and Discovery+ at 10 P.M. ET as doctors perform surgeries on some of the grossest feet you have ever seen.

Home & Family | Hallmark

The Hallmark staple is finally coming to an end today after the shows long 9 season run. The lifestyle show has been a great watch for years but the pandemic halted production and led to the end of this program. Make sure to get one last look at the show tonight.

Blackpink The Movie

Blackpink is a Kpop music group that made their debut 5 years ago. They are celebrating their rise to fame with a new documentary film that takes a look at their rise to fame and their lives now. Watch it in theaters starting today!

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