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What to Watch Today, August 17th


If you're unsure how to spend your free time this week, we got you covered from premieres, finales, and eveywhere in between. Here's what to watch August 17th, 2021

My Big Fat Fabulous Life -TLC

My Big Fat Fabulous Life follows the story of Whitney Way Thore, a dancer who gained over 200 pounds due to polycystic ovary syndrome. In the show, she grapples with themes of self esteem, dating, and more while attempting to lessen body shaming stigma in our society. Season 9's first episode, "Big Fat French Crush" airs tonight on TLC at 9pm EST, and covers Whitney dealing with moving on from a break up.

Welcome to Plathville - TLC

Also premiering on TLC tonight is Welcome to Plathville, a reality TV show that follows the life of the ultra strict, conservative Plath family, and their nine children in rural Georgia. The first two seasons were filled with quarreling and drama from the parent child dynamic with lots of teenage rebellion, and the kicker of season three contains scenes where Max, Micah, and Lydia Plath plan a "secret surprise" for Moriah, the supposed black sheep of the family and airs at 10pm EST.

Go! Go! Cory Carson- Netflix

This animated children's series tells the story of the mischievous Cory Carson, an orange car who goes through the trials and tribulations of childhood such as making friends and navigating school in the fictional town of Bumperton Hills. Based off of the Go-Go Smart Wheels toy line, the entirety of Season 5 was released on Netflix today, and includes exciting adventures such as a new kid in class and flying with his airplane friend.

Invisible Monsters: Serial Killers in America - A&E

When it comes to finales, not for the faint of heart is A&E's Invisible Monsters: Serial Killers in America, a limited documentary series dives deep into the backgrounds of some of the world's most notorious killers, such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffery Dahmer, exploring the culture at the time, including technology, media, and authority that allowed them to commit their crimes without being caught. Fascinating interviews with survivors, family members, psychologists, forensic investors, and lawyers are conducted each episode. Tonight's final episode covers the years 1984-1991, while telling the stories of the BTK and Green River Killers and airs at 9pm.

Superman & Lois- CW

On a lighter note, CW's superhero drama Superman & Lois takes us back to Smallville where Clark Kent and his wife Lois Lane, who now have a family, must deal with many obstacles implemented by antagonists The Stranger and Morgan Edge. The 15th episode in the first season, which happens to be the finale, is called "Last Sons of Krypton," and depicts the Kent family attempting to rescue their son Jordan who has been abducted by Edge. The episode airs at 9pm EST.

Miracle Workers- TBS

Quirky TBS comedy Miracle Workers stars Danielle Radcliffe and Steve Buscmei, with each season being based off a work by humorist Simon Rich. Its third season, Oregon Trail, aired in July 2021, and follows the story of an idealistic reverend, played by Radcliffe, who teams up with an outlaw, played by Buscemi, as they lead a wagon on an adventure on the Oregon Trail in the wild west. Tonight's episode (S3E6) is called "Independence Rock", follows the group as they celebrate the Fourth of July and airs at 9:30 EST.

America's Got Talent- Season 16

NBC's America's Got Talentairs it the second part of its Quarterfinals tonight at 8:00pm EST. Simon Cowell returns amongst Hedi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel to judge the ulta-talented contestants, including aerialist Aidan Bryant, comedian Josh Blue, and psychic Peter Antoniou, and many more, for an exciting 16th season where the contestants compete for a cash prize and a Las Vegas residency.

Lego Masters- Fox

Fox's reality competition show Lego Masters, hosted by Will Arnett, features teams of artists concocting elaborate lego crafts against the clock for an ultimate prize of $100,000 and the title of Lego Master. Tonight's episode, called "Puppet Masters", where the remaining six duos construct a puppet in under 10 hours.

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Jackie Manno

Jackie Manno is a 23 year old writer. She is obsessed with all things pop culture and current events. She has previously written for Cleveland Magazine and Cliche Magazine.

Jackie Manno is a 23 year old writer. She is obsessed with all things pop culture and current events. She has previously written for Cleveland Magazine and Cliche Magazine.