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Takeaways From Elizabeth Olsen And Jac Schaeffer's First Interview Since The 'Wandavision' Finale

In an interview with Variety, Elizabeth Olsen and head writer Jac Schaeffer sat down to discuss Wandavision, and what the show implies for the future of the MCU. Spoiler alert: if you haven't seen the finale, don't read ahead.

X-Men In the Next Installment Maybe? Hopefully?

Maybe! But nothing is confirmed.

When Evan Peters appeared as Pietro Maximoff, it was strange for two reasons. One, of course, that wasn't what Wanda's brother looked like, and two, Peters played a version of Pietro Maximoff in the X-Men franchise, also owned by Marvel. This lead, to, of course, wild speculation.

My personal theory prior to the finale was this is the X-Men version of Quicksilver, who Agatha pulled from another universe. The reason the X-Men haven't appeared in the MCU up to this point is they exist in a different universe, which would mean that any future X-Men appearances would exist within some sort of merged universe. Peters was actually portraying someone named Ralph Bohner, but it can't hurt to dream.

Turns out, Schaeffer just thought it was a fun Easter Egg, saying, "So it wasn't that was not part of my thinking, and also, that's not my department. I am lucky enough that I get to hear about the other projects and sometimes I'm involved and their conversations. I know a little bit about all the things that Lizzie's been up to. But that's a bigger, fancier thing, what you're asking about."

So he didn't actually deny anything, and there have been little hints of the X-Men being incorporated prior to the franchise's upcoming reboot, but as of now we still have nothing solid.

Fake Vision is Here to Stay!

Despite dying in Infinity War after Thanos ripped the mind stone directly from his head in one of the saddest scenes to date, Wanda recreated a version of Vision who was alive and well within the Hex of Westfield, New Jersey.

Of course, when the Hex was broken at the end of the finale, Vision dissipated. But this isn't the last we'll see of the charming British robot, because when S.W.O.R.D. recreated The Vision and sent that into the Hex to kill the real/fake Vision, the real but not real Vision implanted all his memories into the newer version of himself, a version that survived the ending of the Hex. That sentence was confusing, wasn't it?

Point is, there is a version of Vision out there, somewhere, with all of the dead Vision's memories and love.

"That was a huge part of this ending. There is this Vision out there with all of his memories — it just doesn't matter, because he's a stranger", Olsen said on the new character.

The New Doctor Strange Movie 

The upcoming 2022 title Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness will feature Olsen prominently as Wanda Maximoff once again, will leave our beloved Wanda right where we left her post-Wandavision. Grief stricken, with a dead husband and kids sucked into a matrix grid. Cheery!

Jokes aside, Schaeffer commented on the transition for Maximoff from Wandavision to Multiverse, saying, "Truthfully, the connection between "WandaVision" and where we leave Wanda and "Doctor Strange 2," it was sort of fluid for a time, because we were very much under way before they were entirely underway. So it was a conversation. From where I'm sitting, it's been very organic. The acceptance arc was was the point of "WandaVision," but the falling action evolved. It's a lovely way to do a handoff, and I've been over here wishing them well in Los Angeles, as they're in the U.K."

Where are Wanda's Kids? 

We learned when Wanda tried to end the Hex in Episode 8 that her kids are also tied to the Hex, as well as Vision. When she ended the Hex, the kids just didn't show up. They didn't disappear, or die, or anything, so where are they?

From what we can tell, they're gone, too.

"Even though it's a short period of time of the two weeks it doesn't take away from the the experience of the potential of having been actually these 10 years with these children, and I think that's really important to feel as an audience member and for Wanda to have experienced", Olsen said on the arrival of Wanda's children.

However, it should be noted that Wanda's kids, Speed and Wiccan, don't actually die in the comics, but their spirits are reincarnated as two boys with different biological parents, not as the parents of Wanda and Vision, and they later find their own spiritual connection and the reasoning for their kinship. So will we actually get to see Speed and Wiccan in the future?

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