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(VIDEO) How 'Mulan' Was Brought To Life

(VIDEO) How 'Mulan' Was Brought To Life
A Behind The Scenes Look At Disney's Mulan | Celebrity Page

The Animated Classic Is Now A Live Action Movie

If you want to know why Disney Plus is charging an extra $30 to watch Mulan starting today...all you have to do is look at how expensive it was to produce. In this video (above) we take you behind the scenes to see how much hard work went into making the live action version of Mulan a reality.

Mulan on Disney+

A generation of kids grew up watching the animated Disney film, Mulan. Now a whole new group can experience her in 3D. The classic story about a warrior princess is now brought to life in a whole new way. Disney delayed its release for months due to the pandemic. It was supposed to open in theaters, but now it's available to watch at home on the streaming service Disney+ (for a premium extra price of $29.99) and other digital video rental platforms. Even though it's now real humans instead of cartoons, Mulan is still: loyal, brave and true.

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