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Venus Williams Slams Reporter Following Demeaning Questions

Venus Williams Slams Reporter Following Demeaning Questions

It's Wimbledon season, which means tennis fans are getting another dose of doubles from the Williams sisters.

The tournament last saw the sisters in 2019, when Serena and partner Andy Murray were eliminated after the third round. This year, Venus competed with partner Jamie Murray in the hopes to win it all.

After winning their first round on July 2, the pair sat down for a press conference. While taking questions from journalists, one reporter asked Venus if they were "in it to win it," or if their goal was to make it past the third round, where her sister was eliminated.

Venus tried to laugh it off, responding,

"What kind of question is that? We're in it for a stroll. Come on."

Still, the reporter insisted, asking the five-time Wimbledon singles winner,

"Are you here for the experience or are you going to go all the way?"

Venus aced her reply, shooting back,

"Are you going to write a good article or just a halfway decent one?"

And when the reporter answered, "I'll do what I usually do," Venus simply responded,

"Us too."

Venus and Jamie moved on to the second round on July 3, where they lost to Jonny O'Mara and Alicia Barnett. Still, with six doubles wins at Wimbledon alongside Serena, Venus' answer proves she's not ready to bow out just yet.

Serena herself competed in this year's singles tournament, marking her first match in nearly a year. While she lost to Harmony Tan in the first round, the "GOAT" was still excited to be back, writing on social media,

"That was insane and intense. Not the result I came for, but my goodness I enjoyed that. I hope you did as well. Onward and up."

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