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Happy Mother's Day To Our Favorite Television Moms

Happy Mother's Day To Our Favorite Television Moms

Constance Wu

It's Mother's Day and we're giving thanks to all moms everywhere, on and off screen.

Celebrate Mother's Day with our favorite mothers from iconic television shows of the past and present.

Kitty Forman of 'That 70's Show' (1998-2006)

There's no argument here, everybody loves Kitty Forman. Portrayed by Debra Jo Rupp, Mrs. Forman is the mother of Eric (Topher Grace) and Laurie (Lisa Robin Kelly). Mrs. Forman always has witty comebacks for Eric and his friends, as well as hilarious tidbits of advice.

Mrs. Forman of That 70's Showonce said,

"Well, you know I love my family. It's just sometimes I want to get in the car and run 'em all over."

Dr. Rainbow Johnson of 'Black-ish' (2014-)

Dr. Rainbow Johnson of Black-ish is the definition of a #GirlBoss. The bi-racial mother of five is an anesthesiologist and still finds time to be there for her kids in times of love and crisis, while teaching them about the real-life issues of our world, especially racial injustice.

Portrayed by Tracee Ellis Ross, one of Bow's most iconic quotes goes,

"You can't make decisions just to prove someone's idea about you is wrong. You have to follow your heart, and when you do... you'll be a part of something you love for all the right reasons."

Rebecca Pearson of 'This is Us' (2016-)

The Pearsons are one of the central family dynamics of NBC. Mother Rebecca Pearson of This is Us has always tried to put her kids above all else, even if they can't see it. Defying the racism, sexism, and outright bullying of her own mother, Rebecca tries to surround her kids' lives in light and love.

Portrayed by Mandy Moore, Rebecca Pearson once said what every mother endures,

"I'm terrified that I'm going to make a hundred wrong decisions to keep you guys from living the perfect lives that you deserve, but I will protect you fiercely, and I will always sing to you when you can't sleep, and I will always be excited to hear you laugh."

Moira Rose of 'Schitt's Creek' (2015-2020)

Played by Catherine O' Hara, Moira Rose of Schitt's Creek isn't your ordinary mom. Having lived a life of soap opera success, Moira lost sight of what's really important and over six seasons stuck in the town of Schitt's Creek, she's learned what it means to be selfless.

Never usually the optimistic hype-woman, Moira once said,

"Yes. Family! Family. We need to stop and embrace this precious moment. And I'm not just saying that because David's at Patrick's, and the energy is unusually light around here. We are all on the precipice of greatness. And we should cherish these moments, before everything changes."

Clair Huxtable of 'The Cosby Show' (1984-1992)

A powerful and entertaining mother takes form in Clair Huxtable, portrayed by Phylicia Rashād. Mrs. Huxtable of The Cosby Show was a partner of her own law firm, laying down the law in and out of the house. Clair is the embodiment of respect and grace.

Mrs. Huxtable never shied from putting her husband in place, once stating,

"No, Cliff. You don't understand, honey. You did not have that child. I had that child. I was the one who was on that table screaming, 'Take it out!'"

Lorelai Gilmore of 'Gilmore Girls' (2000-2007)

Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) are the best example of an iconic mother-daughter duo. Having had Rory at a young age, Lorelai is determined to build a better life for her daughter, built on humility, intelligence, and love.

The coffee-loving lead of Gilmore Girls once told her future husband Luke (Scott Patterson),

"It's all any of us want – to find a nice person to hang out with 'til we drop dead. Not a lot to ask!"

Jessica Huang of 'Fresh Off the Boat' (2015-2020)

Jessica Huang of Fresh Off the Boat is a mother for the record books. Having immigrated to America from Taiwan, Jessica is determined for her kids to never forget their heritage. The stubborn, but loving, mother is portrayed by the great Constance Wu.

Jessica once hilariously said,

"Children are never too old to be controlled! It's just like chess. Children are the pawns, and you are the queen. And as the queen, you control all the other pieces on the board."

Bonnie Plunkett of 'Mom' (2013-2021)

Allison Janney portrays the mother Bonnie Plunkett on Mom. Bonnie is a recovering drug addict who attempts to build back her relationship with her estranged daughter Christy (Anna Faris) who seems to be following in her mother's shoes.

While the two have their ups and downs, Bonnie is always working on making up for the time she wasn't the greatest mom. She once told Christy,

"I know it's not saying much, but you're a better mother to your children than I ever was to you."

Penelope Alvarez of 'One Day at a Time' (2017-2020)

Talk about a real queen. Penelope Alvarez is a former U.S. Army staff sergeant turned nurse practitioner and mother of two. The quirky and confident woman always tries to help navigate her two kids Elena (Isabella Gomez) and Alex (Marcel Ruiz) in the right direction, despite their totally opposite views on life.

Portrayed by Justina Machado, the "badass" mom of One Day at a Time always says what we're all thinking,

"I'm sorry that I'm in hyper-focused bitch mode, but really, thank you for doing this."

Claire Dunphy of 'Modern Family' (2009-2020)

Last, but certainly not least, is Claire Dunphy of ABC's Modern Family. Portrayed by Julie Bowen, Claire is always thought of as the bad cop compared to her husband Phil (Ty Burrell). Regardless, she yearns for a better life for her children and will do anything to ensure that happens.

As every mother should believe, Claire states,

"Sweetheart I would love to be wrong, but I don't live with the right people for that."

Happy Mother's Day to all of our mothers out there! Thank you for everything that you do.

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