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Troye Sivan Tackles HIV Stigma In New Dramedy 'Three Months'

Troye Sivan Tackles HIV Stigma in New Dramedy 'Three Months' | Celebrity Page

Troye Sivan is putting his acting skills front and center as he sets a positive example for young queer audiences in the new film Three Months.

In Three Months, Troye Sivan plays Caleb, a gay teenager who is about to graduate high school.

After a condom breaks during a one-night stand, Caleb learns that he was exposed to HIV and spends the next three months awaiting test results.

Along the way, Caleb meets another young man who's also waiting for test results, where the two quickly develop a deep connection.

"I wanted to make people fall in love with [Caleb] the way that I did when I read the script. This movie just has such an important message, that regardless of basically anything else, I wanted to be a part of it," Sivan said.

The movie aims to destigmatize HIV by addressing the topic in a light-hearted and sensitive way.

"It's a coming-of-age film, but it's about a very serious topic. It is comedic, which is important," Viveik Kalra said.

While Caleb has to wait three months in the movie, the cast and crew had to do some waiting of their own after COVID delays postponed the release of the film by several months.

"We waited like our characters do in the movie. We waited for six months before we were able to finish. I'm over the moon. I'm excited for people to see this movie that we made together," Brianne Tju said.

Although Sivan displays impressive acting skills throughout the film, the star also showed off his musical talent by writing two new songs for the movie's soundtrack.

"It's been a long time now that I've been making music. I'm really just surprised that it's still ticking along in the way that is," Sivan said.

Three Months is streaming on Paramount+ now.

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