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Chad Cisneros is hoping to bring everyone together with their new body of work.

Turn the music up!

Popular EDM duo Tritonal has skyrocketed with their success over the years with Vegas residencies, world tours, and plenty of hit singles.

Now, Chad Cisneros and David Reed are releasing their fifth studio album Coalesce and taking things back to the basics.

“Tritonal is primarily at its roots a real progressive, underground trance act. It’s been a crazy year in terms of finishing our fifth studio album, so we’re really grateful we’ve been able to get this far in terms of a career,” Cisneros said.

As breakout stars in the EDM space, the duo is sending the positive message of equality in their upcoming album.

“Coalesce was about us reestablishing our most authentic selves and express ourselves fully. We have the opportunity now, with a solidified fanbase, to really crystalize our message and make sure that we’re saying and living our truth. Coalesce means to bring all the parts together and make whole. It’s very much taking all those aspects of Chad and Dave, and our project Tritonal, and creating unity,” Cisneros said.

Once the album drops, Tritonal is hitting the road on tour later this month, which will bring their electric sets to crowds across the country.

“We have so much gratitude for us to tour the way we tour and to have the Tritonians still come out. We’ll be playing all the new records. We’ll be playing all the other records you know and love. It’s going to be fun,” Cisneros said.

Coalesce drops September 8th on all platforms.

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