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'Trevor: The New Musical' Takes New York City By Storm

There's a new musical in town and it's tugging at the heartstrings of audiences.

Trevor: A New Musical premiered Off-Broadway earlier this month at Stage 42 in New York City. We teamed up with Pride Today to cover the star-studded premiere. Our Steven Walker caught up with the stars of the new hit musical which is based on the

Academy-Award-winning short film of the same name. Holden Hagelberger, who plays the titular role, had this to say:

"Oh my God, like the audience was amazing and the feeling of being on stage was just so unreal. So, it's really exciting to perform this in front of audiences. It teaches a great message, a great story and also I feel like everyone can relate to Trevor a lot."

Hagelberger is a rising star at just thirteen years old. The Texas native is making his debut as the lead in Trevor.

The musical is a coming of age story that follows Trevor, a thirteen year old boy who falls in love with a boy in class. It's all about acceptance and being true to yourself. Trevor's parents are played by Jarrod Zimmerman and Sally Wilfert.

Zimmerman said, "it just feels so great to just be open finally after the pandemic. We're here." Wilfert continued, "The needle was lifted before the pandemic. It got put back down and I think my favorite part is that it actually happened. It realized and it came back and I think that is just something amazing to celebrate."

Trevor's parents do their best to help him navigate middle school during the 80s. The boy that Trevor falls in love with is played by another rising star, Sammy Dell. The 14 year old breakout said:

"Being on stage again and seeing all the people. It's just a dream come true honestly. all of the creatives are amazing and it's just a dream Trevor is such a deep and like important message especially now in this time but I feel like it's such a beautiful story that the deepness is hidden with all the glitz and glamour of the 80s and Diana Ross"

Speaking of Diana Ross, in Trevor she plays a huge role in the lead character's life. She comes to him as an imaginary friend throughout the show to give Trevor advice. The great Diana Ross is played by Yasmeen Sulieman who had this to say about Trevor:

"I think this show has a really beautiful message. I think it has a lot of heart and I think it's very moving without trying to be. I think it just tells a really beautiful story and I think our audiences have reacted to it in an honest way. It's about acceptance, acceptance of yourself, acceptance of other people, I mean I think it's sort of a message that everyone needs to hear right now."

Click here to buy tickets and learn more about Trevor. Click here to learn more about The Trevor Project which is an organization dedicated to protecting LGBTQ youth.

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John Sileo

John is a Communications student at Marist College, with concentrations in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Theatre.

John is a Communications student at Marist College, with concentrations in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Theatre.