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Tom Daley Opens Up About His "Childhood Self" and Living Authentically

Tom Daley on His "Childhood Self" and Living Authentically

In honor of Pride Month, Advocate Channel correspondent Stephen Walker chatted with Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley all about the incredible impact he's had within the sports world for the LGBTQ+ community.

The Advocate cover star recently released his own memoir, "Coming Up for Air: What I learned from Sport, Fame and Fatherhood," detailing his journey as an olympic athlete and now, his latest role, a father.

“I think when you get through the whole process of writing book, you kind of go back through your whole life in a really weird and detailed way," Daley told Walker. "It’s also a really good sense of perspective because you go back and you look at how I was feeling."

The diver shared that he has "handwritten diaries" from "every single Olympics," which has helped him channel his thoughts into the memoir.

"To go back and read that and be back in the voice of my childhood self and then see how I’ve developed and matured as an athlete and a person over the years."

As a passionate activist within the LGBTQ+ community, Daley is on a mission to help people feel seen, declaring "visibility" a driving force for him.

"To be able to give people that are living in countries where it’s criminalized the ability to see athletes being out and competing and doing well, I think it can give athletes hope."

And as he continues to live authentically, he's allowing countless others to do the same, hoping to "create the change in the culture that can then filter its way down."

You can find "Coming Up for Air," available everywhere now!

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