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Sheryl Underwood Speaks Out About Sharon Osbourne's Exit from 'The Talk'

Sheryl Underwood Speaks Out About Sharon Osbourne's Exit from 'The Talk'

The Talk

Nearly two weeks after Sharon Osbourne's exit from the talk show, Sheryl Underwood finally addressed her fallout with the former talk show co-host.

Sheryl has opened up about the situation in a three-part episode of her The World According to Sheryl podcast, called "Sharon Walks Away." The episodes were released from April 2 to 4.

Sharon and Sheryl had initially butt heads on The Talk after Sharon had defended Piers Morgan's controversial comments about Meghan Markle. The co-hosts debated on whether the comments were insensitive and racist. CBS later issued a statement about the episode, saying:

"The events of the March 10 broadcast were upsetting to everyone involved, including the audience watching at home. As part of our review, we concluded that Sharon's behavior toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode did not align with our values for a respectful workplace."

Osbourne officially exited the show about two weeks ago, also issuing an apology to the Black community on socials.

Sheryl stated on her podcast, filmed about one week after the show, that she had not spoken to Osbourne since the heated debate went down on air. She claimed Osbourne had not made an effort to reach out to her personally.

Despite this, Sharon spoke to The Daily Mail on April 6, claiming that she did in fact reach out to Sheryl following the incident:

"I not only sent these messages to Sheryl but I apologized to her in person in her dressing room. Why are you saying I never apologized Sheryl?... Why are you trying to destroy my reputation? Just be honest. Tell me."

The Talk is set to come back on air Monday, April 12 after its brief hiatus. Underwood also addressed the lessons she has learned from the incident and the nerves surrounding the show's comeback:

"I regret that it happened because sometimes in life something happens and you just go, 'Gosh, if I just would've.' There's nothing that I could have 'just would've.' This was going to happen, out of my control... And coming back on Monday, April the 12, in this situation, I know a lot of people are looking for a lot of things… And to me, the situation now, we're learning a lot about ourselves now."

She also added:

"I'm very disappointed, and I'm just trying to navigate my feelings about that because it was a trauma."

The Talk returned Monday, April 12 on CBS.

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