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Our Interview with the widow of the Snoopy's creator.

Charles M. Schulz's loved characters are coming back in a new light. The Snoopy Show is landing on Apple TV+ after years since the last episode of The Peanuts aired in the early 2000s. The Peanuts Holiday Specials, which was a massive success, can also now be found on the streaming service.

Inside The Snoopy Character 📺

Jean Schulz, widow of Snoopy's creator, tells our Sonia Isabelle all about the new upcoming series The Snoopy Show. Schulz shares with us:

"It's true to my husband's drawings, cartoons and characters. It's just what we haven't seen for 20 years."

Charles M. Schulz created The Peanuts over 70 years ago. When thinking about Schulz's legacy, Jean has no doubts about what her husband would've thought of the revival:

"I'm not sure he would even know what streaming was. He passed away 20 years ago and he used to say: a thousand channels and nothing to watch. I think he would be very happy that there was something as old fashioned as what he knew to watch."

The Peanuts are also loved by many celebrities, including famous singer Mariah Carey. Jean Schulz knows exactly the key to these characters popularity:

"Each one of them represents a facet of our humanity that we recognize, both in ourselves, in our friends, in people we mingle with; it is human contact and human reality. This is also why fans like Mariah Carey want to celebrate it."

And Mariah Carey has certainly done so, tweeting a video of the special A Charlie Brown Christmas during the holidays.

Wether we're driven by nostalgia or innate curiosity, The Snoopy Show promises to bring a much needed warmth. Stream it now on Apple TV+.

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