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Inside The Newest Season Of 'The Resident' On FOX

The hit medical drama is back for season four on FOX!

The hit medical drama The Resident is back on FOX for its fourth season. Our Hollywood Insider and Endless Hustle Podcast host Arthur Kade shows you why this season is unlike any you've seen before!

The Resident is diving headfirst into the coronavirus pandemic, taking viewers inside the day to day heroism of doctors and nurses on the front lines. This is an issue as topical as it is sensitive and Manish Dayal, one of the stars of the show, doesn't take that lightly.

"To portray them on TV this way is an honor and a privilege, and it's something that we take very seriously over at The Resident" said Manish Dayal, one of the stars of the hit show.

Manish Dayal plays not only a doctor on the show, but someone who loses a loved one to COVID-19. Dayal talked about the difficulties of portraying the pain that over 400,000 families are experiencing in the country right now.

"It's important to get it right", Dayal told Kade of portraying the topic of coronavirus, "you don't want to be part of a narrative that is deviating and swaying from what's really happening especially when we're talking about something as sensitive as the coronavirus".

The show also tackles the flaws in American healthcare and the inequities faced by people of color. The coronavirus has shed a lot of light on these issues in particular, with every aspect of healthcare being looked up and down. It's a topic that resonates with Manish, who's passionate about diversity both on screen and off.

"Diversity and representation is not so much about peppering people of color and different origins into the margins of a story. Even within a story, representation and diversity is about how those people are influencing the story. It's important that we understand those people who are less represented on screen, are indeed the individuals driving the story forward."

Manish also recently brought the laughs in the Netflix hit The Holidate, where he stars alongside Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. The film is about two people who are tired of being single on the holidays, and agree to be each other's\ plus one for every event, but end up falling in love along the way.

"People really liked the film. It's funny, it's silly, it's heartwarming, and I think we were all sort of in a place where we needed some content like that."

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