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Pedro Pascal is Ready For Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you! We're all celebrating having something like Star Wars in our lives right now, but the Mandalorian himself seems pretty pumped about it, too!

Gasp, he took his helmet off!

A Lifelong Love

Pedro has more of a reason to celebrate than most, too. He is, as he calls it, "the product of a Star Wars imagination". Here, in a Q&A alongside Jon Favreau, Pascal talks about finding out he was going to be the Mandalorian, and almost comes to tears.

The show has been a huge part of both Disney+'s success and the remaining mega popularity of Star Wars around the world. And, we're far from done, because season three of the show and a miniseries surrounding the mysterious life of one Boba Fett are set to premiere on the platform in December of this year!

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