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Suitor Lincoln Chapman on Falling in Love on 'The Courtship'

Lincoln Chapman Shares Whether He Fell In Love On 'The Courtship' | Celebrity Page

Where love and fantasy come together... "The Courtship" is taking dating to the next level by going back to the Regency era! We sat down with show suitor Lincoln Chapman to learn about his unique experience on the show.

Across the English countryside, Ms. Nicole Rémy is on a quest to find true love while her family, aka her "courtship," guides her every step of the way.

Filled with romantic adventures, extravagant balls, and beautiful costumes, the gilded glamour in this unique experience helps contestants emerge into a new world to find true love.

Chapman says that, for him, the decision to join the show was a "no brainer."

"I had this massive romantic idea...this fantasy of going through Montana and meeting some girl in some small bar, and I end up working in her dad's ranch, or she hops on the van with me. So when I had the chance to find love in a castle in England, it was kind of what I was doing but on a larger scale."

It turns out "The Courtship" was actually a perfect fit for Chapman, as he wanted to meet someone in a more "organic" way, rather than over "DMs."

"I consider myself good with talking and speaking to women, but I hated the thought of messaging a girl first and then meeting up. For some reason, I wanted to meet someone I wanted to pursue in the most organic way possible. I wanted the first connection to be as real and personal as possible."

Still, it wasn't always an easy adjustment reverting back to the regency era. Chapman said,

"The whole experience kind of transported us back in time. We didn't have phones. I remember I once got a slap on the wrist for asking someone in wardrobe if the Titans won-- the football team back in Tennessee-- and they were like, 'no, emerge yourself. football doesn't exist yet.'"

When asked if the suitor fell in love on the show, his answer was coy, stating:

"I absolutely opened myself up, and I'm glad I did because what I went in looking for, definitely started to happen."

New episodes of "The Courtship" air Wednesdays on USA Network.

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