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Ted Bundy Survivor Details Her Brutal Attack

Ted Bundy: The Survivors, Ending The Evil

Reelz continues their series Ted Bundy: The Survivors, with chilling details from the women who came face to face with the infamous serial killer.

Ted Bundy is responsible for the death of more than 30 women, but the nightmares live on for the women who managed to survive his savage attacks.

Kathy Kleiner was a college student when Bundy broke into her house with the intent to club her to death. She details the horrifying event in vivid detail, "His arm raised up and he brought it down and hit my face with so much force that it shattered my jaw. When he knew that I was still alive, I was crunched up in a ball waiting for the next blow."

Kathy and other survivors detail their attacks and injuries even more on Ted Bundy: The Survivors, Ending The Evil, Saturday, October 10th on REELZ.

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