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Jeff Probst is synonymous with the game of Survivor. With the new season set to air this fall, fans are excited and nervous by what Jeff means when he says that this will be the "dawn of a new era."

Survivor has been known to include many twists over the years with some being very well received and some being horribly received. For example immunity idols have existed for over 25 seasons now and are truly a staple of the game, however this was originally one of the random twists that producers like Probst came up with to spice up the game.

Of course some twists can go bad as we saw with redemption island in past seasons and how frustrated some fans got with some of the special idol ideas, for example Tyler Perry's infamous idol idea from season 28.

No one truly knows what Probst is talking about in this video as he mentions "Survivor 2.0" and how this season can be seen as a sort of season one as the game has been completely changed.

This has received mixed replies from fans and former contestants alike as some of the most recent players from Survivor: Winners at War can be seen in the comments emphasizing their support for the new players and new seasons.

"Counting down the days! Let's go!!!" -Eliza Orlins (former contestant)
"Ayeee let's goooo!! Might need to throw a watch party!!!!" -Wendell Holland (former contestant)
"Yazzzzzzzzz. I'm tired of Reruns" -Benjamin Coach Wade (former contestant/AKA the Dragon Slayer)
"So happy for the new batch of fans that finally get to play!! Can't wait to watch 🙌" -Adam Klein (former contestant)

Other contestants were not so happy about the supposed changes in the game. Russell Hantz, possibly Survivor's biggest villain ever, mentioned his concerns on his podcast/YouTube channel.

The rumor circulating between contestants and online is that the game has been shortened to 26-27 days instead of the staple 39 days. This would be huge news for the show as the 39 days has been in place since its beginning and some contestants feel that it was key to the success of the show. It will be interesting to see if this rumor is actually true and what that means for the character development we see, the hardship that contestants face, and how many people will play or get eliminated at each tribal council.

Of course this is just a rumor but when big players like Russell Hantz are mentioning it, you have to think about it as a possibility as a Survivor fan.

The 41st season will premiere on September 22nd with a two hour special.

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