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What's Streaming? 'Superstore' Comes To An End & 'For All Mankind' Drops Season Two

What's Streaming? 'Superstore' Comes To An End & 'For All Mankind' Continues Season Two | CPTV

'Superstore' Series Finale 📺

The cast of Superstore recently said goodbye on NBC through laughter and tears, but if you're looking to catch up on the show, you can watch it now on Peacock!

"I didn't know what kind of longevity the show was going to have. I still remember filming the pilot like it was yesterday. So the fact that we've been able to do six seasons of a TV show over a 100 episodes... That doesn't happen that much anymore," Nico Santos said.

Santos, also known from Crazy Rich Asians, is incredibly excited for viewers to discover all the hot topics tackled on the show.

"Guns rights and women's rights and immigration... We did it in a way that just made people think and let their guard down a little bit. I think that's the real legacy of the show."

For All Mankind Season Two 🎬

Over on Apple TV+, For All Mankind is in the dropping weekly new episodes of their second season.

"[The] exploration of characters and emotions while it parallels exploration in space... they find a very beautiful way of marrying the two," Shantel Vansanten said.

The series shows an alternate version of the Cold War colliding with NASA's mission to the moon, all seen through the eyes of astronauts, engineers and their families.

"If you're into prestige drama that deep dives into really cool human stories, check us out," Cynthy Wu said.

For All Mankindis streaming now!

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