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Sandra Oh's Speaks Up At A #STOPASIANHATE Protest

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh protests for Asian rights.

Killing Eve's Sandra Oh showed up at a "Stop Asian Hate" protest in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, giving a heartfelt speech about supporting the Asian community and the power of using our own voices.

Sandra Oh's speech was very clear: help one another. The Asian American community has faced incredible discrimination and Oh encourages everybody to step up for what's right.

" Thank you to all the organizers for organizing this just to give us an opportunity to be together and to stand together and to feel each other. For many of us in our community this is the first time we are even able to voice our fear and our anger and I'm so grateful to everyone willing to listen."

Oh acknowledged the shared fear the Asian community is currently feeling and talked about the importance of reporting violence and be prepared to help.

"One way to go through and get through our fear is to reach out to our communities. I will challenge everyone here, if you see something, will you help me? If you see one of our sisters or brothers in need, will you help us?"

The crowd applauded loudly, replying 'YES!' Then, Oh encouraged the crowd to repeat the same sentences she was proudly shouting:

"I am proud to be Asian! I belong here!"

The crowd followed and Oh continued:

"Many of us don't get a chance to be able to say that, so I just wanted to give us an opportunity to be able to shout that!"

Oh's speech immediately went viral on Twitter and ex co-star Grey's AnatomyEllen Pompeo showed her support with many retweets and comments.

Sandra Oh showed up and reminded us of something vitally important: we all have to use our voices if we want change to finally occur. #STOPASIANHATE!

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