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'Blues Clues' Host Steve Burns Shares Emotional Video For The Show's 25th Anniversary

Hey millennials, remember Blue's Clues? Well, you're gonna want to break out your tissue boxes for what you're about watch.

On Tuesday, former Blue's Clues host, Steve Burns returned from 'college' to share a special message with his fans who grew up watching the show.

In the heartfelt video shared to Twitter, Burns acknowledges that a lot of time has past since he last spoke to his audience. He goes on to try to explain the reason behind his abrupt departure from Blue's Clues. Not much detail is given other than admitting that leaving the show was challenging. In the end, however, Burns says he accomplished most of the goals that he set out to accomplish. He even credits the audience with helping him along the way as much as he might've helped them. The tears really start to flow towards the end of the clip when Burns says:

"After all these years I never forgot you ever and I'm super glad we're still friends."

With over a million likes and counting on Twitter, the clip quickly broke the internet. The original Blue's Clues aired back in 1996 and lasted 10 years. Burns passed the torch over to Donovan Patton who played Joe from 2002 to 2006. The series has since been rebooted with a new host, Josh. The three hosts have all teamed up to put out different promotions for #BluesClues25

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