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Victims Stand Up Against Perpetrators In 'Confronting A Serial Killer'

Would you be able to stand up to a serial killer? Jillian Lauren did just that on the new series, Confronting A Serial Killer.

Confronting a Serial Killer is taking audiences inside the mind of Samuel Little, who confessed to killing 93 people over 4 decades.

Jillian Lauren made it her prerogative to uncover the perspective of what she calls "the most prolific serial killer in American history."

Towards the later years of Little's life, Lauren spoke to him up until his death in 2020.

"Violence against women is such a systemic problem that goes much further than this sort of extreme example. I do come at it as a victim and as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault and I've always watched true crime and read true crime. They always made me feel less alone," Lauren said.

Confronting A Serial Killer airs Sunday nights on STARZ.

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