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'The Empire Strikes Back' Is Coming To UK Theaters In 4k Form

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Clip - Imperial Walkers Attack [2K ULTRA HD]

Moviegoers in the United Kingdom are now going to get the ultimate Star Wars treatment.

United Kingdom moviegoers will soon be able to watch the 4K edition of The Empire Strikes Back, according to Variety.

Celebrating Success Of Star Wars Franchise

The announcement marks the firstStar Wars film from the original trilogy to be shown 4K in the United Kingdom. It has only been made available on Disney+ and Blu-Ray since late March, where the latest 4K versions of the Star Wars franchise have been placed.

Coming to Theaters Soon

Variety then goes on to reveal that the movie is looking at a July 4 release date, and it will be the first time that movie theatres will be reopening since March 16.

Vue, the mogul European cinema giant, will be screening the film in the U.K. Like Variety, they are also setting their eyes on the July 4 starting date.

According to Variety, they will be separating family groups through their online booking systems, separating film times to enforce social distancing rules, bumping up cleaning procedures and placing a strict emphasis on employee protocols.

May the force be with you, United Kingdom moviegoers.

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