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St. Patrick's Day Themed TV Episodes and Movies to Get You in The Spirit

St. Patrick's Day Themed TV Episodes and Movies to Get You in The Spirit

It's Always Sunny

If you're spending #StPatricksDay at home, we have a gift for you!

We've compiled a list of all the best St. Patty's Day movies and TV specials as a guide for your holiday!

How I Met Your Mother - Season 3 Episode 12

While "No Tomorrow" is an episode of our friends Ted, Marshall, Lily, and Barney celebrating St. Patricks Day, it is also a pivotal episode for plot in the overall series. This episode includes Ted finding the famous yellow umbrella from the nightclub he and Barney attended, indicating Ted and his future wife almost crossed paths that night, but wound up not. This episode is not only a great way to get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit, but also enjoy some nostalgia for all the HIMYM fans out there.

The Office - Season 6 Episode 19

What would a holiday be if Michael Scott wasn't trying to overcompensate or go overtop with celebrations in some way? But actually, this is the first episode where we see Michael stand up to his boss Jo (Kathy Bates) and tells her he is letting his employees leave early to celebrate the holiday, to which she respectfully agrees. Sometimes he really does save the day!

30 Rock - Season 3 Episode 14  & Season Six Episode 12

In their long, seven-season career, 30 Rock actually gave us two hilarious St. Patrick's Day-themed episodes. In this clip of episode "The Funcooker," we see Tracy and Jenna who were supposed to host the live coverage of a St. Patrick's Day parade, and instead ended up cursing on live television broadcast.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Season 11 Episode 8

What better show to watch on St. Patty's Day than the one centered around the character's owning an Irish Pub? In this episode, the gang tries to catch a seemingly thieving leprechaun whilst trying to gear up for Paddy's St. Patty's Day celebrations.

Bob's Burgers - Season 10 Episode 16

In "Flat-Top O' The Morning to Ya," Linda is unsurprisingly the most excited for St. Patty's Day out of the whole family. She and Teddy decide to let loose and drink some green beer and dye ketchup green in the spirit of the holiday.

While St. Patty's Day-themed movies are few and far between, we've got you covered with a couple of good ones.

The Luck of The Irish (2001)

Who can resist a little bit of a throwback AND a Disney Channel Original? The Luck of The Irish tells the story of high-school student Kyle finding out he is, in fact, a leprechaun. This feel-good movie will have you nostalgic for your childhood and in the St. Patty's Day spirit.

Leprechaun (1993) 

If you're a horror fan and looking for something a bit more gory, we've also got you covered! Leprechaun is a comedy-horror film centered around a vengeful leprechaun as he hunts a family because he believes they stole his pot of gold. Interestingly enough, the film also features Jennifer Aniston's film debut. When you're done with this one, you can continue watching with Leprechaun 2, Leprechaun 3, and you guessed it, Leprechaun 4: In Space.

Leapin' Leprechauns! (1995) 

Last but not least, Leapin' Leprechauns is another fantasy film throwback from the 90's. We follow the main character as he tries to stop an amusement park from being built on top of land that is home to leprechauns. The film also has a sequel, Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns.

Between the movies, their sequels, and all the TV specials, you better get bingeing!

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