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Rising Star: Skylan Brooks Talks Action-Packed Friendship With Joe Manganiello In 'Archenemy'

The Archenemy star is scared of nothing.

Joe Manganiello can look like an intimidating guy, but that doesn't stop up-and-coming actor Skylan Brooks from teaming up with him to fight off evil. Their new film, Archenemy, is now in theaters and on VOD today, and Advocate Channel chatted with Brooks all about working on the project with Manganiello.

Archenemy tells the story of a teenager, played by Brooks, fighting off crime with a supposed superhero from another dimension, played by Manganiello.

In the film, Manganiello's character, Max Fist, has unfortunately has lost his superpowers. The two unlikely friends team up to fight off a crime boss and discover Fist's real super powers.

"Their whole journey is set out from just genuine desires that they want to accomplish in life. You know, they kind of just have this hit list mindset... to just take on the world," Brooks said.

Joe Manganiello also put on the producer hat for the new action film, which Brooks praised in our interview.

"[Joe's] a beast. He's 100% invested and he wants to understand the character and I do too, so it was easy to wrap myself into that kind of energy."

Not only is Brooks a rising actor, but he's also releasing new music of his own. His new single, "Like Dat," will be released December 13th. The rapper opened on his love for music and his excitement to share his new tunes with fans.

"I was doing music before, but I never really took it seriously. But, in this EP itself, it's kind of like a hip-hop jazz fusion with elements in there, and it gets a little experimental too, so I really can't wait for people to hear it. I's different."

Make sure to check out Brooks in Archenemy, available now!

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