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Hollywood Brings The Thrill In New Exciting Films

Looking for a movie to watch? These two new thrillers will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Free Fall and Warhunt are the latest thrillers to hit the big screen.

The Free Fall features Shawn Ashmore, one of Hollywood's most in demand actors at the moment. Ashmore also appears as the Ice Man in the Ex-Men series, Wesley Evers on The Rookie, and Lamplighter on The Boys.

The psychological thriller sees Ashmore plays a domineering husband trying to control his wife.

Ashmore reveals he was intrigued by the character from the start.

"When I read the script, I was drawn to him. Even though he does things that are manipulative and his motivations are really muddy and in question, I understood him."

The Free Fall is directed by Adam Stillwell and executive produced by Shaun Redick who is known for is work on the horror film Get Out.

The Free Fall is in theaters now.

If you want even more thrills be sure to check out Warhunt, starring the legendary Mickey Rourke, and Jackson Rathbone.

This supernatural thriller takes audiences back to 1945 during World War II. After a U.S. aircraft crash lands in Germany's Black Forest carrying top secret information, Major Johnson (Rourke) sends a team of soldiers to find the plane wreck and recover the documents before Nazi soldiers can.

Jackson Rathbone, most notable for his breakout role as Jasper in the Twilight series, spoke about starring next to Mickey Rourke.

"That's pretty much all I had to hear was Mickey Rourke was going to be in the movie. That was a sign on, you know, immediacy for me. It was a fun read. It was a fun movie to make and I think it's a fun movie to watch."

Warhunt is in theaters and available on demand.

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