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Shailene Woodley & Aaron Rodgers Visit Disney World

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers explained everything they are going to do on their trip to Walt Disney World.

The happiest place on earth just got two new visitors!

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers took a trip to Orlando, Florida and vacationed at Walt Disney World Resort. The two spent their time at the Grand Floridian as well as the different parks and we got to hear about it in a minute-long video Disney Parks Posted to YouTube.

The couple sat in their Mickey ears and Disney attire to chat about their favorite movies, soundtracks, favorite ways to relax, how happy they make each other and what their days on the parks are going to consist of!

The NFL player and Big Little Liesstar had recently been engaged since February. It was a more unexpected surprise as the two had only been seen as a couple for a week prior to the announcement.

Now that they are together the Woodly and Rogers have been showing their affection, especially in the cute video with Disney.

The couple was asked about what color light savor they would have because of their love for the Star Warsfranchise and they both accidentally blurted out the same answer of "blue" agreeing on the light side over the dark side.

They went on to discuss what's one thing is that makes them both smile and without any second thought they both pointed at each other and said "you." The love was swirling through that Grand Floridian resort.

As the two progressed through the questions they were asked how they unwind after a long day. Woodley answered for herself and said a bath and a nice glass of wine. Rogers fired back with "I was going to say cuddle-time but since she went with her own thing I am going to say Jeopardy and a glass of scotch."

The next question was "What makes you most proud" and without a doubt the jokes started to roll in. Woodley replied with "Im really proud, baby, of how you make the bed in the morning. You are really, really good at it." Rogers was nothing shy of a quick response with the way his fiancé brushes her teeth. "I'm really proud of your diligence with brushing your teeth. You can go for minutes."

To wrap it around back to the Disney theme of the interview, the couple described their favorite movies as Avatarand Heavyweights. Their favorite soundtrack played all the time is The Lion king and a decent amount of Aladdin.

To finish off the minute Rogers and Woodley explained everything they are going to do during their stay in Walt Disney World. First thing on the list is snacks and the second thing is "kiss in from of the Magic Kingdom and Kiss at Pandora."

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