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The Creator of The Office & Parks and Rec Uploads His Newest Comedy

The Creator of The Office & Parks and Rec Uploads His Newest Comedy

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Writer and Producer Greg Daniels Tells Us About Season 2 of Upload

On this the 2nd anniversary of the start of the pandemic, it's only fitting that one of the surprise hits of the quarantine era is back with brand new episodes. It's the Prime Video comedy called Upload.

Upload Season 2 - Streaming Now on Prime Video

The series is a fictionalized version of the world, where Silicon Valley has created a digital afterlife, you can pay to have yourself 'uploaded' to.

Season 1 arrived at just the right time. We were all contemplating our mortality, due to the pandemic. And we were all, or maybe it was just me, looking for somewhere to escape to where we didn't have to fear a deadly virus 24/7.

I was fascinated by the entire concept laid out in season 1.

As for season 2, it's not quite as shiny and new. These fresh episodes take a much deeper dive into the perils of technology and the way big tech steals our identities and personal data. It also delves more into the murder mystery introduced in season 1.

But, like all Greg Daniels shows, it is relevant issues mixed with laughter, using humor to force us to take an honest look at ourselves and our society.

As Greg told me: "there are some great, amazing, wonderful things about technology. And there are some not so great things about technology. And there's a lot of comedy in how you're sold a bill of goods when something comes out and they only talk about the positives. There's a lot of truth in that and a lot of comedy in that."

As fun as it is to make 'friends' on facebook and get 'likes' on Instagram, Upload dangles the ultimate prize in front of our eyes...heaven! It gives us an answer to the ultimate question; 'what happens when we die'? And it offers a solution...if you agree to the Terms and Conditions and have the money to pay the price.

So, would you 'upload' yourself, if it meant 'eternal life' in Mark Zuckerberg's algorithm? Check out season 2 of Upload on Prime Video, and see if there is a hi-tech way to truly rest in peace...

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