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Sam Smith Releases 'Love Goes' With A Newfound Confidence

Sam Smith Releases 'Love Goes' With A Newfound Confidence
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Sam Smith has "found the courage to be myself" with new album #LoveGoes

Too Good At Goodbyes singer Sam Smith has just released their third studio album, Love Goes. The singer has released the album with a new sense of pride and confidence, which radiates in the 16 new songs released that they say stem from heartbreak.

A Healing Heart On 'Love Goes'

Sam Smith's brand new album, Love Goes, was made during a time of healing. During SiriusXM's Celebrity Session With Sam Smith, they talk about how they were able to be home for a decent amount of time during quarantine and that the time home helped them to heal:

"I actually felt like being home during lockdown was the first time I'd been home properly for about four years. And getting that time to be home made my heart heal a little bit more if I'm honest. So I was able to look at the album in a better way. So yeah the space was needed for me to finish this record. I think."

Smith is known for creating heart-pouring ballads, but this album, while it keeps an aspect of deep emotion, is a bit different. Apple Music describes the album by saying:

"If you're expecting Smith to only explore such subjects via balladry: don't. This is an album full of life-affirming pop, as well as disco, acoustic guitars, and cinematic strings."

A New Sense Of Pride

Along with healing at home, Smith tells Sirius XM about how in going to therapy, they were able to realize that they were hiding who they really were:

"I started therapy two years ago and I realized that I was hiding so much of my personality and my expression from you all, from all my fans because I was ashamed of it myself. And so that is the huge difference with this album is that I'm being really gay and I'm being as queer as I want to be. And I'm, I'm dancing how I want to dance. And I'm talking about loving men and my experiences with men and I'm proud. I've always been proud, but I'm now proud to show it to you. Well, that side of me and I say, that's, that's the biggest difference in this album is that I've found the courage to be myself."

Growth Since 'In The Lonely Hour'

Smith was only 21 years old when In The Lonely Hour was first released in 2015, giving us hits like Stay With Me and I'm Not The Only One. They describe how that album still gave room for authenticity but still lacked a sense of confidence:

"All of my music, the music, just the music alone, that's always kind of, gonna be the same in a way. it's always an expression and a diary entry from anything that I'm going through at that time. So the music In The Lonely Hours, I'm just as free in that music as I am in this. But the difference with this album is that I have finally built up the courage to show you all my full self, um, when I released In The Lonely Hours I was 21, and I really wanted to be a successful singer more than anything in the world. And I decided, it wasn't a decision as such, but I - it became, it just happened that I wasn't being as queer as I could have been."

Sam Smith Performs 'Love Goes' For The First Time

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Claudia Rufa

Claudia is 20 years old, lives in Yorktown Heights, NY, & attends Marist College.

Claudia is 20 years old, lives in Yorktown Heights, NY, & attends Marist College.