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The Cast Of 'Rugrats' Talks Modern Reboot On Paramount+

The babies are back! Rugrats was a TV staple of the 1990s, and its back with a brand new look on Paramount+. We spoke with the cast to learn more about what fans can expect from the show.

With a reboot comes a whole new look. As the years have passed since Rugrats when off the air, CGI technology has taken leaps in advances. Cheryl Chase, who plays Angelica, tells us:

"It's amazing because the CGI animations is so vividly full of robust color. The animation is spectacular!"

Despite the change in appearance, fans of the original show can expect to feel the nostalgia. EG Daly, who plays Tommy, shares with us:

"You're going to be experiencing these Rugrats that everybody knows so well but with all of the stuff we have now. Wouldn't it be funny to see Tommy Pickles on his cellphone or on an Instagram post? Or Grandpa Lou on a dating app?"

Nancy Cartwright, who plays Chucky on Rugrats and also starred as Bart Simpson in the 90s, spoke to us about returning to an iconic show.

Both of those particular shows and maybe a few other ones that I've been on, it starts with incredible writing. It all kind of comes together to create a wonderful show that parents and kids alike can sit and enjoy because there is a truthfulness to it..."

Stream Rugrats now on Paramount+.

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