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Rudy Giuliani: The Downfall of 'America's Mayor'


The former New York City mayor is now witnessing the downfall of his legacy.

Once known as "America's Mayor," Rudy Giuliani is now seeing the downfall of his political career with the barrage of accusations he currently faces: Several defamation lawsuits, allegations of sexual harassment from a former employee, and yet another indictment against his client, Donald Trump.

Though he remains unnamed, Giuliani is assumed to be "Co-Conspirator 1" in Donald Trump's third indictment, where incriminating details of his alleged involvement in attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election were revealed. As Trump's attorney, "Co-conspirator 1" pedaled a list of potential attorneys that could aid in election fraud to another conspirator, who set out to recruit those attorneys in target states.

As Trump's former attorney, Giuliani is also in the midst of two lawsuits filed by voting machine companies Dominion and Smartmatic against the Trump campaign for claiming that the 2020 election was rigged. According to CNN, Smartmatic criticized Giuliani for making absurd excuses to avoid submitting documents, including claims that he "lost" his phone, and that he "was not able to find" any of the text messages they sought.

In May, Giuliani was accused of sexual assault by Noelle Dunphy, a former director of business development at several of his companies. Dunphy alleged that Giuliani began abusing her "almost immediately" after she started working for him, and the complaint says that Giuliani "made clear that satisfying his sexual demands — which came virtually anytime, anywhere — was an absolute requirement of her employment and of his legal representation."

Audio transcripts submitted to the New York County Supreme Court last week have given the public a glimpse into what Dunphy experienced. Giuliani made demeaning remarks toward her, saying "I want to own you, officially," and continuously commented about her chest, saying that "these breasts belong to me." Additionally, the original complaint alleged that he demanded she work naked, or in minimal clothing.

Transcripts also reveal several anti-Semitic remarks that Giuliani allegedly made, such as complaints about the Passover holiday and claims that "Jewish men have small [sex organs] because they can't use them after they get married."

One of Dunphy's attorneys, Justin Kelton, told CBS News that Giuliani "will have to answer to materials and recorded statements that will be presented at trial."

The man who was once mayor of New York City and a viable candidate for the presidency is now fated for a cataclysmic political death. "After 9/11, he was considered more popular than the Pope, according to polls," political reporter Andrew Kirtzman told Spectrum News NY 1. "And now he’s broke. He’s out of power. And he is facing a lot of trouble."

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