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Rob Gronkowski Opens Up About Former Teammate Aaron Hernandez

Rob Gronkowski opens up about Aaron Hernandez!

After many years, Rob Gronkowski shares his thoughts on Patriots player Aaron Hernandez's conviction for murder and his death while in prison.

Gronkowski On Player Hernandez

Gronkowski and Hernandez played together in the Patriots from 2010 to 2012, the year Hernandez was investigated for a double homicide of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

On June 23rd, he was dropped from the Patriots, following charges of first degree murder for Odin Lloyd and was later found guilty in 2015.

Hernandez was supposed to serve a life sentence, but in April 2017, he was found dead, hanged by his bedsheets: it was ruled as suicide.

Gronkowski had never answered specific questions about Hernandez... Until now. The player said on Spotify's 10 Questions With Kyle Brandt Podcast that:

"I get questions all the time about him and everything. I was definitely shook when I heard that, when I heard everything about it."

The relationship between them was strictly related to football games. Gronkowski continued:

"Being his teammate and everything you just don't really see that. You're not really looking into players like that's who they are or that's what they're doing."

Hernandez's conviction was reinstated in March 2019 after an appeal by Lloyd's family. Our thoughts are with them after this many years of grief.

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