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WATCH: Scary Sharks Take a Bite Out of Halloween on Reelz

8015 REELZ

Want to escape to a beach vacation this weekend? Think again! Jaws isn't the only shark worth fearing these days.

Jason, Mike Meyers, Jaws? Yep, the terrifying shark from the summer blockbuster films is still one of the most feared movie monsters of all time. Now Reelz is diving into Halloween weekend with real-life shark stories that make Jaws seem all too realistic.

On a beach in New Jersey, a shark seems to be targeting people as his victims. Shark attacks are typically a result of the shark mistaking an unsuspecting swimmer as a seal. But on a summer afternoon, a group of young boys did not know that they were about to be potential victims of a vicious shark attack from a shark who has a taste for humans.

8016 REELZ

Another swimmer shares her shark attack story, "I took one stroke in the water. The shark just came out of the water and hit me. The shark rolled onto its side, and I was just pushing myself away from it. Almost like I was pushing down on it, but I couldn't move. I couldn't do anything."

Find out how she survived and hear more shark attack stories this Halloween on Reelz.

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