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It's Time To Hit The Slopes! Jen Shah & Whitney Rose Tease #RHOSLC Series Premiere

The drama premieres tonight on Bravo.

From Atlanta to Beverly Hills, the Housewives franchise has brought us iconic reality TV moments through the years. Now, the franchise is heading to Salt Lake City, Utah to follow an all new group of elite women.

What Can Fans Expect?

We are about to hit the slopes on the newest series!

The brand new reality show follows six gorgeous and wealthy women as they navigate friendship, business ventures and troubling personal moments.

One of the leading ladies of the series, Jen Shah, is the first Polynesian housewife to star in any of the Housewives shows.

Speaking on the important representation, Shah said,

"I felt like it was really important to showcase a different side of Utah and to represent what I know everybody doesn't think is here in Utah. It was important for me to really showcase minority demographic and be the Polynesian housewife."

Whitney Rose is another housewife joining the O-G group of women. The star is hoping that fans will be able to see a different side of Salt Late City, instead of the stereotypes many people associate the city with.

"Salt Lake City...even though we live under this biodome of the Mormon religion, it's very liberal and diverse."

Of course, the Housewives is known for its juicy drama, gossip and hot topic issues. Teasing the drama ahead, Shah said,

"That's what viewers can expect from Jen Shah this season. I am pointing it all out! Putting six people together, instead of being able to like go home... it's like, oh no I gotta see you and your bad wig the next morning."

When it comes to the heated moments for Rose, the housewife broke down what you can expect from the premiere season.

"Okay, you'll see moments where I own it. You'll see moments which I cause it. You'll see moments where I'm a target of it."

Catch the new series tonight only on Bravo!

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