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Pride Today: OUT Magazine Releases the First LGBTQ+ 'Star Trek' Collector's Edition


Diane Anderson-Minshall chatted with Stephen Walker to share the daily roundup on the latest in LGBTQ+ news!

Who hasn't seen Star Strek? Thanks to the vision of creator Gene Roddenberry, the show has advocated for major inclusion over the past 55 years. In some iteration or another-- it took historically marginalized people and made them heroes of their own stories.

Star Trek The Original Series not only broke ground when it aired the first interracial kiss between Captain Kirk and Uhura, but it also signaled to viewers that in the future, and in the present, love is limitless.

OUT Magazine has released the first LGBTQ Star Trek collector's edition, featuring six covers with the stars of the Paramount Plus series, Star Trek Discovery. In 2017 the series introduced the TV's franchise first gay couple, Hugh Colbert and Paul Stamets, played by Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp.

It later introduced the franchise's first non-binary and transgender characters Adira, played by Blu Del Barrio, and Gray by Ian Alexander, also as a couple.

Discovery''s queer credentials don't end there. Series stars Mary Weissman and Emily Cootes came out while acting on the show. Iconic OUT comedian Tig Notaro plays an engineer, and Discovery is helmed by lesbian co-showrunner Michelle Paradise.

This show is time-warping full speed into a future century of LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance.

Find the new issue at a Barnes and Noble near you, or check it out online at out.com.

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