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'The Amazing Race' Season 32: What To Expect

Check out this trip of a lifetime!

After much anticipation, season 32 of the reality competition show The Amazing Race will premiere tonight! Our very own Jaymes Vaughan competed on season 21 of the series and placed as runner-up.

Eight years later, Jaymes Vaughan is talking with old friend and show host, Phil Keoghan, about what to expect for the new season.

The new season, which will air on CBS, should be a breath of normalcy as the world continues to face difficult times. The Amazing Race is a competition show in which teams of two travel all around the world solving clues and completing challenges with the hopes of being the last team standing.

The prize for winning the show is a whopping one million dollars.

Season 32, premiering tonight, was lucky to have completely finished filming before the Coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year. That means you can expect to see the teams traveling all around the world without any worry.

That doesn't mean COVID-19 hasn't affected the show though. CBS was in the middle of filming for season 33 when the global shutdown began. As to when the show will resume filming, there is no clear timeline. It likely will not be able to resume production until the pandemic is over.

Phil told Jaymes:

"We got put on hold. People have said like, well when are you going to go back out. Well, when is this all going to end? I think The Amazing Race at this time is just a nice way to sit down in a comfortable chair and just escape to the world that we will get back to."

Don't forget to watch the show when it premieres tonight on CBS!

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