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Photo of NYC Man Pretending to be Clayton Echard Leaked Online

Photo of NYC Man Pretending to be Clayton Echard Leaked Online
Clayton Echard on Instagram

Former “Bachelor” star Clayton Echard found himself in the middle of a scandal, after a woman on TikTok claimed that she hooked up with him in New York City.

“Um, so I think I just ended the bachelor’s marriage last night (i had no idea) (wtf),” a girl named Sasha Narang captioned a TikTok that she uploaded on April 9 2022. Narang explained that she met a guy at a bar, and the two started flirting.

She shared that the person questioned her if she watched “The Bachelor,” to which she replied that she did not. He informed her that he was just on the show, and she believed him. She ended up household with him, and just after the two hooked up, he got her an Uber.

On Monday, April 11, 2022, the footage of Narang and the fake Echard surfaced on the internet and was shared on Reddit.


Reality Steve agreed to get on the phone with Narang, and she explained everything to him. After their first conversation, Reality Steve admitted that he was “confused.”

She showed him a photo obtained from security footage at the building where the guy she slept with lived. After viewing the still, Reality Steve confirmed that Echard was not the guy that Narang had been with.

Shortly after talking with Reality Steve, Narang apologized to both Echard and Evans, and she posted a public apology on TikTok.

“This guy truly convinced me that he was Clayton. He, again, introduced me to himself as Clayton. He told me he was on The Bachelor, he knew his hometown, his birthday, knew all these super weird facts that it just obviously, in the moment, me not watching ‘The Bachelor,’ knowing nothing about it, I believed him,” Narang said.

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