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Paula Andrea Placido on Using Artwork to Spotlight Women's Rights

Paula Andrea Placido on Using Artwork to Spotlight Women's Rights
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The L Word: Generation Q star opens up to Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now about amplifying women's voices through her artwork and more.

While she's known for her appearances on acclaimed shows such as Shameless, Hacks, and most recently The L Word: Generation Q, Paula Andrea Placido is also an artist who's using her work to champion women's issues

Placido's work often incorporates silhouettes and people whose faces are not visible. She says she was inspired by a Muslim creator who posted photos without her face to conceal her identity from her conservative husband.

Paula Andrea Placido on Art With Purpose | Advocate Now

"I wanted to keep that theme of mystery," Placido tells Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now. "You don't know who this person is. You see a silhouette, you don't know what color they are, what their face looks like. That was kind of the theme behind that."

Art is an outlet for the actor, as Placido says it's "energizing" to have the chance to showcase her own voice.

"When I'm creating art, that's probably my favorite thing because it's my voice, it's my vision, my perspective, and I get to have fun," she says." And that's all me creatively, which I think just energizes me. And I feel most accomplished when I am able to create my own art."

Placido has recently been inspired by the ongoing protests in Iran over women's rights, and says that she's trying to use her platform to amplify their voices. She believes all creators should use the resources they have available to advocate for others.

"It's a constant question that I'm always asking myself as an artist, what more can I be doing? How can I be using my art to push conversation?" She says, adding, "One of the best ways to help women out is [through] the people at the top, especially men pushing for other women artists to have some space in the room as well."

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