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Inside The New True Crime Series Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short & Selena Gomez

This iconic trio is starring together in a new series on Hulu

When you think two comedic geniuses and a global pop superstar, naturally you end up with: a true crime series?! That's exactly what Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez are up to, in Only Murders in the Building.

In the new series, which is also co-created by Steve Martin, the threesome try to solve a murder in their apartment complex. All three are huge fans of true crime podcasts and all fancy themselves as amateur sleuths.

Joining the famous stars is actor Aaron Dominguez. He spoke with Advocate Channel about the new Hulu series:

"The show is so well written, while also playing to the fandom of the true crime stuff. And you know who doesn't want to watch a show already attached with Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez?"

Aaron and Selena became quite close during filming of the series and were even linked together (by the tabloids) as a romantic item. While we can neither confirm nor deny those rumors, Aaron did tell us his family are huge Selena Gomez fans:

"My mom is a huge fan of her makeup line. I mean my mom and her sisters are huge fans of her music actually, because Selena is obviously a world icon in Venezuela, my mom's younger sisters and cousins as well when they found (we were working together) they were like you know; 'can you get us some of like her product from her makeup line or can you get her to sign this or can you send me a picture with her', so you know eventually everyone ended up asking for those favors."

Catch Aaron, Selena, Steve and Martin in: Only Murders in the Building, starting Tuesday August 31st on Hulu.

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