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New York Attorney General Reviewing George Santos' Lies

George Santos

The openly gay Republican has been accused of faking his education credentials, as well as falsely claiming his grandparents fled the Holocaust.

Congressman-elect George Santos is under review by the New York Attorney General's Office, which announced that it would be “looking into a number of issues" surrounding the openly Republican's credentials, according to NBC News.

While an official investigation has yet to be announced, Santos' alleged lies have been the subject of media attention for the past week. Journalists at The New York Times first uncovered that Santos, who claimed to be an alumnus of New York University, never attended the institution.

Santos also claimed to be a "seasoned Wall Street financer and investor," but his alleged employers at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup told The Times that he was never an employee at their companies.

The Times also dispelled Santos' claims that an animal shelter he founded saved over 2,500 cats and dogs, while also revealing that he does not live at the address he is registered to vote at.

Santos also claimed that his Jewish grandparents had fled Europe during the Holocaust. Earlier today, reporters from The Forward released that records indicated Santos' grandparents were born in Brazil, and practicing Catholics.

A lawyer for Santos, Joe Murray, told NBC that he had "not been contacted by anyone" by anyone at the Attorney General's office, and that he has "nothing further to add at this time."

However, shortly after the second allegations were released, Santos promised to provide an explanation in the near future.

He tweeted: "To the people of #NY03 I have my story to tell and it will be told next week. I want to assure everyone that I will address your questions and that I remain committed to deliver the results I campaigned on; Public safety, Inflation, Education, & more."

Santos became the first openly LGBTQ+ nonincumbent Republican elected to Congress in November after beating out Democrat Robert Zimmerman, who is also openly gay. Zimmerman said that both parties "should be grateful" that the Attorney General is looking into Santos.

He said: "The house of cards is quickly falling around Santos, wherever his home may be."

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