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NOTD Performs Flawless Set At Life Is Beautiful 2021

The DJ duo made their debut in Las Vegas special.

Fans were so close to the popular duo!

NOTD (pronounced noted) comprises of Tobias Danielsson and Samuel Brandt and the two sat down with our Ricky Cornish to chat all about their electrifying set at the Life is Beautiful festival.

"With COVID, we've been stuck. The last show and last time we traveled and played was over a year ago," Danielsson said.

Not only was Life is Beautiful the duo's first performance since the pandemic, but it also marked their first US festival performance and first time in Las Vegas!

"It's a surreal place. Coming from Sweden, we're not used to anything like this," Brandt said.

"Leaving your hotel and going downstairs to see a big casino is very impressive," Danielsson said.

However, the road wasn't easy to get to Sin City. Due to travel restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tobi and Sam had to take the scenic route.

"They wouldn't take our VISA, so the only opportunity for us was to go to Mexico for 16 days, and then go over to Vegas, rehearse, and now we're here! We made it, everything worked out. We were able to get our VISAS," Brandt said.

Despite the long road to get back on the road, NOTD has kept fans entertained with amazing bangers the past year. With recent hits like "I Don't Know Why," "Cry Dancing," "Nobody," and their recent single, "Malibu (feat. Virginia To Vegas)," the duo has evolved their sound.

"Our new music is more of a chill vibe. Virginia To Vegas was such a fun collaboration and he's such a nice guy. The thing we've been working on a lot during COVID actually is incorporating real instruments in the music we're making and we're also putting a lot more into the set that we play," Danielsson said.
"It's going to be a cool mix between past stuff and the music we recently released, which is more like us. You can expect more stuff like that… more collaborations with different bands, but still keeping the NOTD vibe," Brandt said.

If you're hoping to see NOTD live, get ready for some surprises! The duo brought out Bea Miller during their set for their hit song "I Wanna Know."

The set also included many of their well-known songs, including "So Close," "Wanted," "I Miss Myself," and "Been There Done That." Truly, the crowd couldn't get enough of this upbeat set.

You can stay up to date on what NOTD is up to next on their social media here.

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