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EXCLUSIVE: In A Move To Equality, Mrs. Claus To Command Santa's Sled For First Time

Breaking news from the North Pole.

In rare breaking news from the North Pole, Claus Enterprises Inc. revealed exclusively to Advocate Channel that after hundreds of years commanding the sled on Christmas Eve, Mr. Claus will hand the reigns over to none other than his wife, Mrs. Claus, for the very first time. And, 2020 won't be the only and last time. Mrs. Claus and other senior elves of diverse backgrounds are expected to command the sled on rotational basis for future Christmases!

Equal rights advocates worldwide were cheering the news starting with Mrs. Claus. "Santa and I have been staunch advocates for equal rights for every human, said Mrs. Claus about the news. We felt it necessary to further leverage our influence and visibility in making such a move, and Santa and I hope it sparks even more action around the globe!"

Mrs. Claus is no stranger to the operations of the sled as she has been running logistics on sled and present delivery since 1756. Mr. Claus will now assume the equally important role of these logistical duties, which also include Mrs. Claus' innovation of "Early Present Delivery" when she secretly co-founded and helped innovate express delivery at UPS, FedEx, Amazon Prime and USPS, among others. The move to early present delivery to supplement the famous Christmas Eve ride was introduced to make the sled more stealth for more visits to a rising population of children.

"I have never been more proud of Mrs. Claus than I am right now, said Santa Claus. She has been an innovator and equal, yet unsung leader in our immense joint responsibilities to bring Christmas morning joy to as many children as possible. We believe in equality and we want this visible move to be a star to guide the hearts of all!

World leaders were equally impressed with Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, reportedly saying, "Well, if a woman can be in direct line for the Presidency of the United States, then it's natural for a woman to command the Christmas sled! On behalf of all women and people of diverse backgrounds, we thank the Clauses!"

While Mr. Claus will assume new duties at the North Pole, he and Mrs. Claus will continue to share duties at malls and shopping centers across the world listening to the wishes of every child in advance of the big day. Pay will also be equalized for both executives and all the elves who work across the vast production and distribution systems.

Shares in Clause Enterprises surged in after hours North Pole trading on the news.

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