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Exclusive: 'E! True Hollywood Story' Shows How Noah Cyrus Stepped Out Of Miley Cyrus' Shadow

Growing up as Miley's younger sister wasn't easy for the Grammy nominee. See out how Noah found her own identity in E! True Hollywood Story!

Fans of the Cyrus family go back generations!

With Billy Ray, Miley and now Noah releasing music for a wide range of fans, the famous family is also using their voices to help inspire and relate to their huge fanbases.

Noah Cyrus has showed her struggles with mental health via social media and her music as her fame grew from hit songs like "July," "Make Me," and "All Falls Down."

In the new episode of E! True Hollywood Story, members of the media and psychologists, including Debbie Magids, Ph.D., are breaking down the Cyrus sister's rise to stardom.

"Watching Noah go through her mental health issues, present day, in the moment, writing songs about it... it's actually watching someone heal themselves. Noah is finally differentiating herself from Miley," Magids said.

One of Noah's biggest supports is her older sister, Miley. The pop star has also paved her own way in the entertainment industry by releasing her own slew of hits and opening up on her sexuality.

"Miley is somebody who definitely opened doors in this realm, with talking about pansexuality, talking about how she identifies as queer," Ellise Shafer said, the Associate Web Editor of Variety Magazine.

"Miley is very much part of a generational change, where gender and sexuality don't mean the same things that they once did," Spencer Kornhaber said, an entertainment journalist for The Atlantic.

Together, Miley and Noah are walking hand in hand as they continue their public journey of healing and acceptance.

You can watch more on E! True Hollywood Story new episode, "Star Sisters," Saturday, April 10th at 11:00pm ET/PT.

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