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Next Generation: Milo Gibson to Star in New Film 'Mission of Honor'

Next Generation: Milo Gibson to Star in New Film 'Mission of Honor'
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Milo Gibson is following in his father Mel's footsteps and diving into acting headfirst! In a few years, he has multiple films under his belt, and more on the way.

Mel Gibson's Son Milo is Paving His Own Career Path

When you are raised by a prominent actor, the spotlight often finds you even before you make a career decision to follow in your parent's footsteps.

Fortunately for Mel Gibson's sixth son, Milo, it looks like an affinity for film runs in the family!


After breaking out with his roles in Hacksaw Ridge (2016), andGangster Land (2017), Milo Gibson is about to hit the big screen again in the new film Mission of Honor, which releases in theaters and Video On Demand March 15th.

The film tells the story of Squadron 303, a group of heroic pilots who fought in the skies over England in the Battle of Britain during WWII. Milo will portray Group Captain John Kent 'Kentowski,' who is often considered one of the best young squadron leaders of the war.

It may look like Milo had an automatic "in" to Hollywood — it never hurts to have a famous last name — but the actor has been working hard to build his career from the ground-up since his first on-screen credit in 2016. Working as a technician before he decided to study drama in Santa Monica, California, Milo told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018 that he explored other areas before deciding to give acting a shot.

"It wasn't something that was always front of mind for me," he said. "I think I wanted to try other things that interested me. It was definitely never pushed by my father or anything like that."

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Milo, who says he has always been inspired by his father's motto to "do what you like to do," added that the realization that he was ready to dive into a new career came later.

"It was definitely something in the back of my mind, like maybe this is something that I'd like to do [someday]. And one day I was kind of like, you know, I don't want to be 60 years old and regret not going for it — I think a lot of people regret a lot of things in life — and I didn't want to be one of those people."


Joining Milo in his passion for the arts is Mel's daughter Hannah, born in 1980, and sons Christian, born in 1982, and Louie, born in 1988. Hannah, Mel's first child, is an actress, while Louie directs, and Christian dabbles in both acting and camera operation. Dad must be proud!

Next, Milo will be seen with Laurence Fishburne in Brother's Keeper, and alongside Orlando Bloom and Scott Eastwood in The Outpost. Both films are set to be released this year.

Until then, catch Milo in Mission of Honor on March 15th!

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Writer and Co-Host of Double Talk on www.LoeschTwins.com