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Ten Albums We Can't Wait For in 2021

There are some artists who just drop whenever they happen to feel like it. Maybe it's four years, maybe it's five, but their fans will wait rabidly for that next installment to come. Here are ten albums we've been waiting on we can't wait to see in 2021.

Frank Ocean

Ok, we really have no idea when or if it's coming. But you stop complaining about it, Frank fans. Blonde took four years, and I shed actual tears when I heard that album (not kidding).

Frank is a different level of artist. His albums aren't just albums, they're novels, lyrical masterpieces, musical artistry at its absolute finest. You can't just push that stuff out, give the man some time. But I will admit, my patience is waning. I need that angel voice.

Isaiah Rashad

IT'S COMING! IT'S FINALLY COMING! In his interview with Fader, Rashad confirmed a June release date for the album that his fans have been waiting for with bated breath since The Suns Tirade took ours away.

I've been a member of the subreddit r/isaiahrashad for about five years now, and there was a distinct point where the group's speculation turned from hopeful optimism to essentially a support group.

Isaiah has had a rough four years. He fell into pieces and picked himself right back up. The House is Burning is coming, and I can't wait.

Kendrick Lamar

Speaking of TDE stars, how about the greatest rapper to ever live? Yeah, I said it. Now, I am not one of these hip hop heads who props up the greatest lyricists to ever exist as an example to degrade other artists who talk about drugs and money. That stuff sounds amazing. But if you want deep lyrical content, look no further than Kendrick Lamar.

He isn't just a brilliant lyricist. He's a writer on par with Bob Dylan, with Aristotle, with Plato. Hearing his voice and his proclivity for rap is an absolute gift to this world. There's also speculation he's playing with a rock sound for the new album, and yes please.


I get it, she does Fenty now. And I bet that's very time consuming, fulfilling, and given her enough money to dive into a pool of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.

I don't really expect Riri to drop anytime soon, especially because ANTI still hasn't gotten old, and she knows it. And honestly, what would her motivation be? She's the most beautiful woman on the planet, dating the most beautiful man on the planet, in charge of one of the most successful makeup companies ever, all while being one of the most successful artists of all time.


I need it. We all need it. It could just be her nails grinding against a chalkboard for 45 minutes straight and I'd listen to the whole thing, just in case she sang at some point.


Speaking of women whose voices make my heart melt, it's been four years since Ctrl. Can you believe it? SZA has confirmed the album is, in fact, coming, and she's topping the charts alongside Doja Cat at the moment, so I don't have much in the complaint department here, but I will say that this album is going to be insane and I absolutely cannot wait.


I had to do a double take, but it has in fact been three years since NOIR came out. Smino is one of the most unique vocalists you'll ever hear in your life. He raps and sings, and harmonizes beautifully when he raps a la Anderson Paak. He has a deeply unique sound that will grab you and won't let go. This next album is going to blow him up, so get ready.

Tyler the Creator

Tyler has released an album every two years for the last ten, so we can assume 2021 will be another year when Mr. Okonma blows us away with his genius. IGOR woke the award circuit up to the mastery this man holds over the musical craft, but just make sure it's not in the urban category this time.

Chance the Rapper

Chance has fallen into a weird space, where he insists on not listening to the haters, but the haters are his fans. We don't hate you, Chance. We're not here to deride you for your success. We just have no idea what The Big Day was. It was flat, weird, corny, you name it.

I'm not here to beg for the "Old Chance" back, but we all know you can still make incredible music, and you should do it.


Pharrell doesn't release on a consistent basis, or even a basis. He just takes over the charts when he feels like it. But we could all use that electric feeling he gives us when he does release music.

Vince Staples

It's been three years since Vincent Staples brought us his fun, boppy take on gangster rap with FM. FM is amazing, as his entire discography, but it's right around that time where I want more Vince in my life.

It's right around summer, and there's no one better for summer than Vince.

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