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Shocking moment from Netflix's The Mole

With the winner and traitor of Netflix's The Mole revealed, The Advocate Channel sits down with the finalists to discuss the twists and turns of the season.

Netflix's latest season of hit reality show The Mole has finally reached its dramatic conclusion. With the winner and "mole" revealed, Advocate Channel correspondent Rachel Smith recently sat down with the finalists to discuss all of this season's winnings and betrayals.

The Mole is a series in which a dozen players complete mentally and physically challenging tasks in order to earn cash, all while one of their teammates secretly works to sabotage them. Though it originally aired in 2001, Netflix recently rebooted the show for a 2022 season.

William Richardson is this season's winner, though his companions weren't expecting him to win. In fact, many believed him to be the mole, but Richardson shares that was his intended goal all along.

"It was so important to me, understanding that there are two parts to this show. You have to be able to compete mentally, and make it to the end. But if there's no money at the end, there's really no gratification," he says. "I was doing everything I could mentally to look suspicious and be a player that people were worried about, and I was also like 'I want as much money at the end of this as possible.'"

Finalist Joi Schweitzer was a fan of the original series when it first aired and was prepared to use her knowledge to win. While she wasn't able to come out on top, she's still thrilled for the experiences of partaking in reality competition.

"I was a fan of the original series. My family and I used to love competitive reality TV shows— that's how we bonded," she shares. "My mother passed away a few years ago, so unfortunately she couldn't watch me competing on the show. But I know she was rooting for me in heaven."

As for who this season's "mole" turned out to be, they were none other than finalist Kesi Neblett. While she made it all the way to the end without her teammates discovering her role, Neblett reveals that when she was first offered the part, she didn't want to take it.

"They actually asked me three times to be the mole. The first two, I replied no. Being the mole is quite the opposite of my natural personality," she explains. "And then the third time, I said yes. You know, my mom always told me you can do anything with time and resources. So I said if you just give me that, time and resources, I can do it. A couple days before we filmed, I went in a deep dive to prepare, and then we created something pretty special."

Schweitzer shares that despite how obvious Neblett was at times, she just couldn't bring herself to believe it was her.

"I thought there's no way Kasi could be the mole, because it's too obvious," she says. "It has to be Will."

Watch the newest season of The Mole on Netflix, and catch the finalist's interviews with The Advocate Channel below.

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