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Microsoft Under Fire For AI Obituary That Calls Deceased NBA Player 'Useless'

Microsoft Under Fire For AI Obituary That Calls Deceased NBA Player 'Useless'

The tragedy of former NBA player Brandon Hunter's death was compounded when MSN News published an AI article that referred to him as "useless."

Former NBA player Brandon Hunter unexpectedly passed away this week at 42, rattling fans of the former Boston Celtic and Orlando Magic player.

The tragedy was compounded when Microsoft’s MSN news port published what appeared to be an AI-generated article that disparaged Hunter as “useless” in the headline.

The article read, “Brandon Hunter useless at 42,” and it was quickly called out on social media. The article became even more unintelligible as it went on telling readers that Hunter “handed away” after achieving “vital success as a ahead for the Bobcats” and “performed in 67 video games over two seasons.”

Regulating robots

The original publisher of the story on Hunter’s death was a publication by the name of Race Track. The publication advertises itself as the premier destination for all major sports news, however all of its articles have a byline of “Editor.” There is also no information within its “About Us” page.

The articles seems to not only be poorly-written, but also plagiarized, as the story on Hunter’s follows the same structure as the TMZ Sports article on his tragic passing.

According toYahoo! News, this is not the first time Microsoft, a supporter of ChatGPT maker OpenAI, has made headlines for posting unintelligible AI-generated content. Last month it made headlines for posting an AI-generated travel guide for Ottawa, Canada that strangely recommended visiting a local food bank. That travel guide has since been deleted due to criticism.

Jeff Jones, a senior director at Microsoft, told The Verge at the time that the travel guide was not published by an unsupervised AI and that the content was created through a combination of algorithm techniques and had human review.

MSN fired the team of journalists in charge of vetting content publishing for the platform in 2020.

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