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Meg Donnelly Gives Us A Sneak Peek Into Season Five Of 'American Housewife'

Here's a sneak peek into season five of 'American Housewife'

ABC's American Housewife returns tomorrow night and we spoke to Meg Donnelly, who plays Taylor Otto, about what is to come in the fifth season.

Meg Donnelly's character, Taylor, will be graduating high school, but will she be going off to college? Donnelly shared with us:

"She gets to graduate and now this whole season is about her being in college. She's going to a college in Westport where her dad went and it's really funny because now she's feeling herself because she's all educated."

In this sneak peek clip posted to the American Housewife Instagram, you can see that getting to graduation day is going to be a rocky road for Taylor thanks to her mom's mistake.

Taylor and her boyfriend Trip have been dating throughout high school but will their relationship last with Taylor going off to college? Donnelly said:

"They're kind of growing apart as people they're still together and they're still going strong but the conflict is kind of like, they're just not at the same point in their life anymore."

And what are we going to see from the rest of the Otto family? Donnelly shared:

"There's a lot of things, the whole Anna-Kat, Franklin dynamic is going on. Greg is just there to, he's kind of the glue of the family, I feel like he keeps everyone sane because he's very level-headed."

American Housewife premieres on October 28th on ABC and streams next day on Hulu. And don't miss new episodes Wednesdays on ABC.

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