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Mario Lopez Is Colonel Sanders In 'A Recipe for Seduction'

Mario Lopez Is Colonel Sanders In 'A Recipe for Seduction'

Mario Lopez

KFC and Lifetime present a new mini-movie for the Holiday season starring Mario Lopez as the face of KFC himself, Colonel Sanders.

Viewers will be able to grab their chicken and watch Mario Lopez in this steamy drama coming to screens everywhere on Sunday, December 13 at 12 pm.

'A Recipe for Seduction'

A Recipe for Seduction stars Mario Lopez as Harland Sanders, an aspiring chef with a secret chicken recipe. Sanders begins working for a young heiress who falls for him, ruining her mother's marriage plans for her. In exchange, the mother will go to any resort to ruin their love escapades.

Watch the Trailer Here:

KFC Partnership

A Recipe for Seduction is Lifetime's first 15 minute mini-movie. The film is in partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken and consumers can order KFC on Uber Eats for delivery and get six free extra crispy tenders with a $20 purchase or more.

So, snuggle up with some Kentucky Fried Chicken and watch Mario Lopez in A Recipe for Seduction, only on Lifetime.

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