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Luca Guadagnino Still Wants to Make a Call Me by Your Name Sequel

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Despite all of the Armie Hammer controversies, there are still plans for a sequel to the Oscar-winning 2017 film starring the one and only Timothée Chalamet.

Luca Guadagnino says he still wants to make a sequel to Call Me by Your Name happen, and we couldn't he happier!

The out filmmaker may have just recently reunited and collaborated with Timothée Chalamet, the star of his beloved 2017 gay romance film, in his recent project Bones & All, but that doesn't mean he wants to stop working with the 26-year-old heartthrob. In fact, Guadagnino has more plans in the works that would see him teaming up with Chalamet yet again, including a follow-up to CMBYN that would focus exclusively on Elio.

Though he wouldn't call it a "sequel," (apparently, in his own words, that's a very "American concept"), in a recent interview with IndieWire at the Telluride Film Festival promoting Bones & All, Guadagnino did say he'd be very much into the idea of a new project that would focus on what he calls "the chronicles of Elio," CMBYN's young protagonist who fell in love with an older male graduate student who was spending the summer at his family's Italian villa.

"A sequel is an American concept," Guadagnino told the outlet. "It’s more like the chronicles of Elio, the chronicles of this young boy becoming a man. It is something I want to do."

Call it whatever you want, as long as we get Elio back on our screens, we'd be happy!

The last we heard, a potential, proper CMBYN film sequel was rumored to be in the very, very, very early stages of development (especially since the novel of the same name that the film was based on got its own sequel in 2019 called Find Me), but considering all of the controversies Armie Hammer (who played Elio's love interest Oliver) has been in recently, many fans weren't getting their hopes up for it to actually come to fruition.

But now that director Guagnino has put it out into the universe that a sequel to CMBYN could be a possibility, especially without the involvement of a controversial and blacklisted actor like Hammer, our interests as CMBYN stans has officially been piqued again! We won't get our hopes up, just yet, but we'll be crossing our fingers that we'll be seeing Chalamet step into Elio's shoes once again!

In the meantime, Bones & All is slated to hit theaters this November.

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