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Lin Manuel Miranda Stars In ‘Vivo’ As An Animated Honey Bear, Luke Bryan Shares His Life Story, & More

On today's Dish, our Sonia Isabelle is breaking down the latest A-List streamers from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Vivo - Netflix

Lin-Manuel Miranda is the genius behind HamiltonandIn The Heights. But in Netflix's Vivo, get ready to see Miranda in a way you've never seen him before. Yes, he is still working on original music to craft a beautiful soundtrack. However, you may be shocked by what other role Miranda is playing in the actual movie. In Vivo, Lin plays the title character, a fun-loving kinkajou (AKA honey bear) who spends his days entertaining crowds in a vibrant Havana square. When asked what it was like to write music for Vivo, Miranda said:

"I've never written music for singing and talking anthropomorphic animals before."

Miranda's costars include Gloria Estefan, Brian Tyree Henry, Zoë Saldana, and more. Stream Vivo on Netflix now.

Annette - Amazon Prime Video

An unlikely duo makes magic in the new film Annette. The 2021 Cannes Film Festival official selection stars Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard as a stand up comedian and a world famous opera singer, respectively. The title of the film refers to the name of their daughter and how her birth affects the couple. Annette has been met with favorable reviews from critics and received a standing ovation at Cannes. Cotillard was actually the third actress to be cast in the role of Ann; Rooney Mara was the original choice for the role, but she was later replaced by Michelle Williams. There was a 2 year delay in shooting which has been attributed to Driver's commitment to Star Wars. Ultimately, Cotillard took up the role of Driver's love interest. Annette is in theaters now and will be on Amazon Prime Video later this month.

Mr. Corman - Apple TV+

Mr. Corman follows a troubled public school teacher played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Joseph not only stars, but also writes, directs and produces the series. Apple TV+ is the streaming home of the comedy-drama series. Mr. Corman is accompanied by a soundtrack that was released onto Apple Music when the show was released onto Apple TV+. The soundtrack features music by the grammy-nominated-artist Logic who also plays a supporting role in the show. Gordon-Levitt's other costars include Juno Temple, Jamie Chung, and Debra Winger. Stream Mr. Corman on Apple TV+ now.

Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary - IMDb TV

Finally, take a trip inside the mind of country music sensation Luke Bryan in the new IMDb TVdocuseriesMy Dirt Road Diary.

"One day when you're 75-80 years old, and you look back I think you can go... you can look at your body of work and what you are and what you were. Hopefully, you look back and you can go, 'God! I loved every minute of that!'"

That was Bryan talking to Advocate Channel back in April after winning ACM Entertainer of the Year. This five-part docuseries takes a deep dive on Bryan's life. The docuseries is chockfull of never-before-seen footage of Bryan's childhood all the way up to his life now. My Dirt Road Diary shows Bryan at his lowest as well as his highest. From deaths in the family, to winning Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards five times, Bryan shares it all. Stream My Dirt Road Diary on IMDb TV now.

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